Bangor Grammar School



Excellence • Community • Opportunity



We aspire to be a school in which a pupil 

  • is enabled to achieve the best of which he is capable in both academic work and extra-curricular activities;
  • is ambitious and sets high expectations for himself;
  • develops a critical, curious and independent mind;
  • makes a wholehearted commitment to the pursuit of greater knowledge and understanding;
  • leaves as a mature, rounded and responsible person equipped  to adapt successfully to the ever changing circumstances of the world of work.



We aspire to be a school in which a pupil:

  • shows loyalty to the school and other pupils;
  • feels at home and valued;
  • believes in the importance of being part of a team;
  • takes pride in the success of others;
  • is aware of the School’s past and traditions;
  • is courteous and helpful;
  • respects equality and diversity in background, race or faith.



We aspire to be a school in which every pupil:

  • takes increasing responsibility for his own learning;
  • seizes the opportunity to participate in a range of activities;
  • explores and develops his own range of talents to the full;
  • is enabled to develop his own moral and spiritual awareness;
  • is able to develop a sense of responsibility for the needs of others in the School and within the wider community.